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Urdu voice over, for me, is an attempt to communicate a message to the Urdu audience in its aesthetic, cultural and professional entirety. Hence, I am proud to offer my voice over services with a guarantee that your message will not go unheard. Further, the voice overs are usually offered at the most competitive rates in the market.

My voice over vision, so to say, is the following quote from one of my most favorite philosophers:

“We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I am a native Urdu speaker and writer. As for experience, I have served in Radio Pakistan as an A Category broadcaster and am still among their approved announcers. I have had the honor of being the youngest A category broadcaster at Multan station of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation in 2007-08. I have also been presenting oral interpretation of Urdu literary masterpieces at several literary and cultural platforms in the region. I can proudly say that people like BBC's Arif Waqar are among my admirers.

Urdu voice over is a passion rather than a profession for me. I enjoy speaking so that words sound to mean what they are supposed to mean. I stress communicative aspects of Urdu voice over more than style and other formalities, and prefer conveying what the copywriter meant to showing off my own art.

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Urdu Voice Over Services

General Urdu Voice Over

All the Urdu voice overs except voice acting that do not fall into the following categories. Tailored to your campaign, goals and target audience.

Urdu Phone Message Recording

Everything from IVR and voicemail messaging to auto attendant, business narration and voice branding. Ultimate Urdu telephone system recording services!

Urdu Educational Voice Over

All types of educational and instructional voice overs. Guaranteed to have the serenity, maturity and authority essential for educational content.

Urdu Documentary Voice Over

Documentary voice overs need to be both authoritative and candid at the same time to ensure proper communication of the intended information. And I know that!

Urdu Commercials & Promo Voice Over

Voice overs for commercials and promos are recorded in professional studio settings. I realize how important your clientele is to your company, believe me!

Urdu Audiobook Recording

Rendering a book into audio format requires a consistency throughout the project that avoids monotony on one hand and ensures interest on the other. Right?

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