Urdu Promo Voice Over – New Sample Added

Urdu Promo Voice Over – Urdu Voice Over Samples

Here’s my first Urdu promo voice over sample finally…

I had mentioned in a post a few days ago how I had realized the need to record some new voice over samples. My valued clients kept asking me for more samples and I wondered why the ones already present were not proving enough for them. Then, I realized what was missing. And even though I have been busy on many fronts these days, I am excited to finally announce a beautiful addition to my Urdu voice over samples page.

It’s actually an Urdu promo ad/commercial that pitches Urdu Voice Over website itself. Self promo, so to say!

The copy enumerates some of my services including corporate voice overs and audio book narration. Then it goes to a call to action and urges the listener to visit This is the first time that I have done everything from writing the ad copy to recording and editing voice over myself.
Technically speaking, this sample is not supposed to be a state of the art advertisement. I know almost nothing of audio

editing. It is only meant to illustrate what I can do as an Urdu voice over artist.

Hope you like it!

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