Urdu Voice Over for Oman Airports

Urdu Voice Over Project for Oman Airports - Picture of Oman Air

Just completed an Urdu voice over project for Oman Airports.  A gentleman from an Omani media house contacted me the other day for the project and told me that he needed the Urdu voice over for a social media campaign within a day. The VO text had also to be translated from English to Urdu.

The project was challenging, I must say. The English voice over was synchronized to a video presentation and the client demanded that Urdu voice over must also correspond exactly with the timings. Now, the project seemed to test both, my translation skills and voice over craft. I am grateful to God who helped me accept and succeed in the challenge ultimately. The finished file with Urdu text rendered in voice over corresponded optimally with the time frames that English VO had already set despite the obvious barrier of different linguistic expressions.

One thing that I realize during and after this project is that I need to update my voice over samples. The ones already present are not enough to give a full picture of what I can do for my valued clients. Before working on this project, when I was asked to give “a few more samples,” I had no other option but to direct my client to visit a YouTube channel of mine, Deepuck Media, that I set up solely for artistic and literary purposes. It was embarrassing. Hence, I am now planning to record and upload a couple of samples for each type of Urdu voice over services I offer.


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