Urdu Voice Over Samples

I welcome you to my Urdu voice over samples page. Thank you for taking time to explore the options of working with me…

Given below are some voice Urdu over samples for your review. Some of them were recorded in casual settings more than a couple of years ago. They are being uploaded here just to show the quality of my voice and the command I have on Urdu language and the delivery of its texts.

Urdu Voice Over Sample #1

(Commercial Voice Over Sample – Promo Voice Over)

Here is my first Urdu voice over sample. It introduces Urdu Voice Over (this company) and is meant here to serve as a sample of my promo voice overs.

Urdu Voice Over Demo #2

(Commercial Voice over Demo – Advertisement Urdu Nigar)

An advertisement of my Urdu blog.  A promo voice over sample essentially.

General Urdu Voice Over Samples

Please bear in mind that all of the Urdu voice over samples listed below are excerpts of literary masterpieces of Urdu language that I have attempt to interpret orally. And that they were not recorded in studio settings.

Urdu VO Sample 1. Manto ~ Majeed Amjad

This sample consists of a recording of a poem on Saadat Hassan Manto by famous Urdu poet, Majeed Amjad.

Urdu VO Sample 2. Zindaan Ki Ek Shaam ~ Faiz Ahmed Faiz

A poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. An old Urdu voice over sample of mine.